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Carinhoso in concert:
Sunday 24 september 2017
14.30 in the church in Ruigoord

CARINHOSO means: lovingly; because we love Brazilian music so much!
We focus on the accoustic repertoir, from bossa nova to the sweet melodies of Samba Cancao, with the atmosphere of a relaxed Rio Cafe, which doesn't mean that there is no room for spontaneous energetic rhythms that invite to dance.
When we play, there are people who listen, people who sing along and people who dance, tap, clap etc. That is the exact experience we hope to give you. Depending on the situation,you can listen to the rich harmonies, beautiful melodies that brazilian-oriented music brings about. You can go for the different emotions of this music. You can also recognise some famous standards and hum along.
And last but not least: Carinhoso gives you the opportunity to feel the rhythm and dance CARINHOSO can sound intimate and subtle, with nice three-voiced arrangements.
For a more heavy danceable sound we work together with a bass-player. ..